John Adams Middle School


School Campus Identity

August 2013

In this school campus modernization project, an opportunity was created to integrate graphic design and architecture early on in the process. Signage, facade murals and graphics as well as materials and landscape were carefully developed in synchronization. The result is a bold theme carried throughout the campus, from the exterior to the interior of the classrooms. Color reinforces the District goal of creating distinct, identifiable “Houses” for each grade level. A House consists of a separate administrative center for that grade, a teacher’s area, an outdoor gathering area, and the classrooms.

The campus entry is a canopy of solar panels which signal a new direction for the School District. The sun filters through the translucent canopy as well as the school signage. In addition to being visible from the street, the signage will cast shadow on the ground along with the pattern of the solar panels above, merging the schools identity and vision.