Handbuilt Poster



Size/Page #
16" x 24"

Offset Printing, 4 over 0

July 2009

Nothing was lost in the production of this poster. A promotional piece for a small studio with an undersized budget, the poster was designed to accommodate business cards in the cropped margins as well as ribbons to package it once rolled. A few were cropped to be used later on as communication cards.

Interested in finding a large amount of graphic solutions within a fixed set of rules, the challenge for this project became: how many variations can be created with 15 shapes and 4 inks?

After experimenting with mixed-inks swatches and working closely with the printer, 966 different colors were created for the final design. Additionally, a set of 15 shapes retrieved from the year’s past projects was defined and used to create a collection of 107 unique letters, spelling out the poster’s message.

An interest in craft and the handmade was allowed to permeate the design process of this computer-generated object, resulting in an interconnected and intricate typographic layout.