061612_See Change Opening

Please join us on Saturday, June 16th, for the opening of See Change!

See Change is a one-of-a-kind, permanent, multi-faceted installation in the LAX International Terminal that includes large-scale displays and four hours of original programming by 17 artists.

The project was directed by Felicia Filer, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Public Art Division and Sarah Cifarelli, Art Manager, Los Angeles World Airports.

Yuju Yeo and Juliette Bellocq of Handbuilt Studio collaborated with Anne Bray and Jon9 to provide the design and methodology for the display of the credits.

«It is now time to serve your guests a bit of something delicate that will give them a taste for what’s to come. While your Slows, Mediums and Fasts are going, present a Wave. Preferably a live one. See 10_wave, 11 or 12 for instance. The Wave should always be presented vertically, washing over other elements. It might need to be slowed down. However, immediately following the first back-and-forth motion, present the real bite: a first slide of the Narrative.»