Geddes Elementary School Campus Graphics


School Campus Identity

200" x 347"

Painting with Stencil

December 2004

AIGA Grown in California Design Award, 2004

California Design Biennial, 2005

Project published in The New York Times

In a project with a restricted budget such as Geddes Elementary School, Handbuilt was able to add a unique character to a campus through the use of graphics derived from biological forms. The District had no extra money but di have gallons of white and blue paint. We created stencils that allowed us to change building supergraphics often, under budget and at the biggest scale possible. The stencil system is proving itself to be an excellent building maintenance strategy.

After being built, as we wanted to incite the school to use more patterns, we designed a booklet showing the possibilities of this branding strategy.

The Geddes Campus graphics were selected to be part of the California Design Biennial at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. We then designed the third aspect of this project: an installation in the museum showing the patterns at full scale.