Pae White “Lisa, Bright & Dark.”


Art Exhibition Catalog

Size/Page #
8.5" x 11.5"/64 pages

Offset Printing

May 2008

Spark Award, Gold, 2008

We were commissioned to design a book for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona, highlighting the work of artist Pae White and her show, “Lisa, Bright & Dark.” The project became a unique collaboration between the artist and Handbuilt. We contextualized the work within her personal environment and constructed a visual narrative through an assembly of personal stories, photographs and references to the teachings of Corita Kent.
Taking photographs inside the artist’s home, we used the camera as a microscope to document White’s vision for beauty. The magnified images reflect a feeling of visiting a “cabinet de curiosité” as an observation of exotic artifacts and small treasures.
Each printed copy is unique as selected spreads were printed using a split-fountain technique; three different fluorescent and metallic inks were used on the same press roll, mixing over time and resulting in various gradients.