Otis College of Art and Design Graduate Graphic Design View Book

Size/Page #
5.5" x 8" within a folded 28" x 22" poster/ 20 pages

Offset Printing, Process Cyan and 3 Pantone Inks

November 2010

In this catalog, three nested books introduce the Otis graduate program in graphic design. The first one unfolds as a poster containing pragmatic application information. The second displays a portfolio of project images while the third presents the context for that portfolio, as well as the program’s description. When the third book opens, certain images visually connect to the second book giving the impression that they go further than full bleed.

At its center, a suggestive white book invites prospective students to contribute their own layer to the program. The entire booklet was offset printed but the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks were swapped for Pantone inks, including two fluorescent.