The Good Food for All Agenda

Proposal to the Mayor of Los Angeles

Size/Page #
8.5" x 11" / 100 pages

Digital Printing, CMYK

July 2010

In September of 2009, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa formed the Food Policy Task Force. The role of this entity is to form recommendations on a variety of issues related to food distribution, access, waste, etc. and an assessment of the local foodshed. The Task Force was charged with producing a report detailing their research and findings. Handbuilt designed the report, detailing a “Good Food” Agenda. Graphically, the report synthesizes a variety of diverse information in a consistent package, utilizing a clear system and grid to organize it. The good food agenda promotes four key points: fair, sustainable, local, and healthy food. These key points organize the report and the issues instigate a color coding that carries through the document. Imagery in the book is inserted into the silhouetted shapes of fruits and vegetables resulting in a counterbalance to the flowing text. In the end the project is intended to be read either front to back or as a handbook of sorts allowing access at various points of the text.