SciArc Soft Show



Size/Page #
24" x 30"

Silkscreen Printing, 3 over 0

April 2006

Posters announcing two SoftTech Program exhibits at SCI-Arc. These posters work as a series and are composed out of collected vintage Czech, English and Swiss typography, with a preference for ‘designed on a system’ letters. The method used to lay the posters out was to hand-collage each letter one at a time, accomplishing as slowly as possible something that the computer can do as fast as possible. Taking speed out of the design process allowed us to really observe the shapes, think differently about the layout and smell the paper and glue. The second poster is silkscreened by Colby Poster Printing. This shop made itself part of the Los Angeles visual landscape as they print most political posters, as well as carnivals, fairs or sales announcements. Bold and quirky, their poster style contextualized the SCI-Arc show as part of a Los Angeles event.