Information Design/ Poster/ Postcard

Exhibition Identity

May 2009

The idea for the exhibit came from the personal experiences of the two curators reconceiving their creative practices after becoming parents. Parenthood changes everyone, however, since artists (like Rebecca Niederlander) and architects (like Iris Regn) invent out of their own experience, the issues surrounding the complete life change of parenthood give rise to specific opportunities for rethinking and reconsidering.

The exhibit provided some of the questions and answers that have emerged from a distinguished group of artists, architects and designers who are the parents of children aged 1-10.

Handbuilt was asked to design a logo, a system of vignettes to describe artworks, a wall graphic introducing the premise of the show at the entrance of the gallery, a printed invitation to the show as well as several other documents describing and marketing related events, along with corresponding documents for web use.